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25 Negative Suggestions To Avoid If You Want To Be Successful

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.

The greatest enemies to your success in life are negative thoughts of all kinds. The role of our thoughts in achieving success is sometimes overlooked and undermined. Success starts in the mind. Your mind is like a garden that grows and nurtures whatever you put into it. If all you put in your mind is negative then all you would get in return are negative outcomes.

Our society is full of negativity, which can slowly penetrate into our subconscious if we allow it. It starts with our thoughts, then words and the end result is destruction to our dreams and vision.

A little back story, I sat for an exam a while ago. Months before I wrote the exam, I battled with all kinds of negative thoughts. I saw myself as a failure, I pictured how horrible the exam would be and how I would receive an email saying that I had failed and my heart would sink. I knew the importance of having positive thoughts but I still struggled. 

To cut the long story short, I couldn’t postpone the exam so I made the decision to work on my thinking and in the end, the exam was a success. This success could only be attained because I chose to change my thinking.

This is just one of the many examples in which entertaining negative thoughts would have caused my success. Success is well within your reach but you must first let go of all negative thoughts and believe in yourself.

Without further ado, these are some negative suggestions to always avoid:

1. I can’t

2. I’ll never amount to anything

3. It’s no use

4. It’s not what I know, but who I know

5. It’s no use trying so hard

6. I’m too old or too young

7. I don’t know enough

8. My background will not permit me

9. It’s never going to happen

10. I have to look a certain way to feel beautiful

11.I’m not smart

12. I’m so stupid

13. I never do anything right

14. I just can’t win

15. I’ll fail or I am a failure

16. I haven’t got a chance

17. Things are never going to get better

18. It can’t be done because it’s never been done before

19. I am no good

20. It would be best if I quit

21. I don’t deserve to be happy

22. I’ll never succeed

23. It’s too hard

24. It’s impossible

25. It’s too late

I know you are familiar with some of these statements. Most times, we tend to think and speak based on how we feel and what we see but in other to get the results you desire, you must learn to think and speak the way you want things to be.

Your current situation does not determine your future position. The determining factors of your future are your thoughts and beliefs. If you work hard to change them today, then you can change your tomorrow.

Hope you found this helpful.

Cheers to having squeaky clean thoughts and vocabulary.

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