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4 Effective Ways to Grow Your Trust in God

Trust is the foundation for every genuine and long-lasting relationship. Any relationship that’s not built on trust will not last.

Christianity is built on faith, trust, and obedience; without these vital components, it’s impossible to live and enjoy the abundant life made available to us in Christ Jesus.

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. -Hebrews 11:6

Faith without trust is incomplete because trust is the expression of our faith in God. I once read that faith is believing that God is who He says He is and that He can do what only He can do, and trust is being confident that He will do what He promises to do. The keywords here are CAN and Will. Most times we believe that God can but struggle with whether He will.

Why do we struggle with trusting God?

Some reasons why we struggle with trusting God

  1. Fear

  2. Past betrayal from others

  3. Flawed perception of God

  4. Ignorance

  5. Hard time letting go of control

  6. Perfectionism

Were you able to identify with any of these reasons? If not, make a mental note of some reasons why you struggle with trusting God.

As with any relationship, trust is not automatic, rather it is developed. Below are some ways that I have found helpful in growing my trust in God.


4 Effective ways to grow your trust in God

4 Effective ways to grow your trust in God

1. Spend quality time

Spending quality time is essential in developing trust. The only way to truly know someone is by spending time with them in order to learn their character. God’s desire is for us to know Him intimately, that’s why He gave us His Spirit. Spending quality time may include

  1. Reading the bible/ books that encourage spiritual growth

  2. Praying

  3. Worshiping

Distractions creep in really subtly, and if not addressed on time, we would find ourselves feeling distant, disconnected, and doubtful. You know there’s a problem when you would rather spend time on your phone, or with people, more than you would with Jesus.

Whenever I notice a lack of interest for the presence of God, I try to identify the root cause and make changes accordingly. What’s amazing is that God is always there waiting to receive us.

Lack of trust is often due to a flawed mindset and belief. We can’t completely trust God while having wrong thoughts and beliefs.

We live in a corrupt and evil world, the devil works overtime trying to stop us from ever believing and trusting God. He does this by corrupting our minds. Spending time with God transforms your minds, and replaces every false belief with the truth of His word.

Constant feelings of fear, doubt, and unbelief is a wake-up call for us to dig deeper into the presence of God. No time spent communing with Him is ever wasted.

Keep things simple and start where you’re at, be intentional, pay attention, and respond to the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit calling you into His presence.

2. Embrace Challenges

Challenges are an unavoidable part of life. Jesus spoke about this in the book of John

In this godless world you will continue to face difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conqured the world.-John 16:33

Without challenges, growth would be absent. As much as we love our comfort zone, nothing grows there. Throughout the bible, there are stories of great people who stepped out in faith and trusted God in the midst of difficult situations. Stories like

  1. David and Goliath- See 1 Samuel:17

  2. The three Hebrew boys- See Daniel 3:1-30

  3. Daniel in the lion’s den- See Daniel 6:1-28

  4. Moses and the Red sea- Exodus 14:5-31

Reading these stories makes me go WOW!!! These were ordinary people just like you and me who trusted in an extraordinary God and did great exploits. How did these people learn to trust God? Were they born with it? No.  Here’s how they did it

They started small.

In the words of King David:

When a lion or a bear comes to steal a lamb from the flock, I go after it with a club and rescue the lamb from its mouth. If the animal turns on me, I catch it by the jaw and club it to death. I’ve done this to both lions and bears, and I’ll do it to this pagan philistine too, for he has defiled the armies of the living God. The God who rescued me from the claws of the lion and bear will rescue me from this philistine. 1 Samuel 17:34-37

David was able to respond to the situation the way he did because he had a point of reference. (The bear and lion)  He embraced those seemingly small challenges and experienced the mighty power of God.

Trust grows with experience, as you embrace the challenges life throws at you and allow God to showcase his marvelous power. Each miraculous experience becomes a point of reference for the next.

3. Practice Obedience

Every time we choose to disobey God, we miss out on an opportunity to grow. This could be either spiritual, mental, financial, or emotional growth.

The promises of God towards us can only be received through obedience. Sometimes, God’s instructions will make no sense at all, but choosing to obey even when we don’t understand brings honor to Him and blessings to us.

If you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land.- Isaiah 1:19

When your act of obedience is rewarded, you will be encouraged and your faith and trust in Him will grow stronger.

4. Stop trusting yourself

Self-confidence is a great quality to have but it shouldn’t replace the confidence that we have in God. Learning to trust God, involves letting go of your plans and embracing His purpose for your life. This beautiful exchange leads to self-discovery, a process of unlearning who or what people think or say you are, and learning who God says you are.

There are parts of you hidden in Christ that will never be known until you surrender. It’s difficult to surrender and trust God completely while holding on to other options, He must become your one and only option. “For its through Him that we live, function, and have our identity”. -Acts 17:28

I’ve come to know that my plans can never surpass God’s plans. His plans are bigger and better, this makes me want to trust Him even more.

A call to trust

God loves you, He sees you and wants the very best for you.

Exchange your limited plans for the unlimited and mind-blowing plans He has for you.

He is too faithful to fail.

Will you trust Him?

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