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Must Have Christian Meditation Worship Music in your Playlist

There is something about worship music that makes spending time with God so amazing. It helps you release yourself in His presence, no fear, no shame, just simply expressing yourself to God.

I enjoy using various songs by gospel artists in my quiet time but lately, I’ve been loving instrumental music. No singing, just Spirit-inspired tunes that help me relax my mind and focus on Jesus.

So far, I have three artists whose music I enjoy and would be sharing with you below.

1. William Augusto

Link to youtube channel:

Link to apple music:

Link to play store:

2. Dappy T Keys

Link to youtube channel:

Link to apple music:

3. Nathaniel Coe III

Link to youtube channel:

Link to apple music:

4. Theophilus Sunday

Ok, I know I said three artists but I just had to add this artist to the list. There’s singing involved and the worship is raw, unfiltered, and powerful. This music isn’t for everyone, it has a bit of chanting and praying in tongues, but if you desire deep and anointed worship then you’d love it.

Link to youtube:

Apple music:

Didn’t find any links to his apple music store, but the name to search for is 1spirit & Theophilus Sunday. 

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